Best places to travel in world

If you’re struggling with the question of where to travel in the world, we’ve decided to help answer it ( To provide you with some guidance and inspiration, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite places in the world that can be traveled to this year.

From China’s colorful villages and Japan’s bustling metropolises to the jungles of Costa Rica and beaches of Mexico, there are countless places in the world filled with history, culture, peace, beauty, excitement and much more ( This list is absolutely not exhaustive or comprehensive–we could never cover everything in just one article–but it’s meant to inspire you to explore our wonderful planet.

The following list is presented in alphabetical order by country. Note that some of these places are more popular destinations than others and therefore tend to be slightly pricier…

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best places to travel in world

Travel has always been a passion for me and I love learning about new cultures and experiencing different ways of life ( Of course, I would love to see the whole world and experience even more cultures but there are a few places that have been on my travel list for a while.

Here is a list of 5

1. Switzerland

2. Sri Lanka

3. China

4. Brazil

5. Spain

jungles of Costa Rica

If you are planning on travelling to Costa Rica at any point in the near future, but aren’t sure where to go – don’t worry! We took a trip there ourselves last year and came across not only some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been, but some of the friendliest people as well.

In fact, even though it has been a year since our trip there and we have been to many other countries in between, Costa Rica is still my number one place I would love to go back to again and again

Best places to travel in world